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FRELU® - barrier-free living

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Living in their own apartments without help from outside is often severely limited for elderly people. The own apartment could become an obstacle due to an unexpected accident or illness. In this case, carrying out basic activities often becomes difficult or even impossible.

Since independence is the basis of a satisfied life in general, it is very important for the persons affected to be able to move independently in the sanitary area, because this is just the place where privacy plays a decisive role.

A great number of elderly and disabled people spend most of their time in their own apartments. Therefore it is important to adapt the apartment to the new circumstances in life with an expenditure as low as possible. In many cases it will suffice to mount a hand grip, a support bar, a shower on floor level, a shower seat or a handrail in order to cope with the principle: Adapt the apartment to people, not people to the apartment.

The FRELU product range of support aids has kept pace with the requirements of such a new situation and provides the systems needed and individually necessary for barrier-free living, as for instance for the bathroom furnished in a homely way, for everybody, including those people with different handicaps. Living means ease and comfort and taking a bath is a kind of personality care is a matter of principle for us in our work. Safety depending on function can also be achieved by means of designs satisfying aesthetic demands. We tackled this challenge by the FRELU programme in colour, which can thus be a means of attractive design and, simultaneously, fulfil an extremely important function as an aid. To many people with an impaired vision a high-contrast design of furniture means more safety and better orientation.

In principle, if everything in the bathroom is designed in line with its respective function and use for the community, the bathroom for disabled persons is no longer necessary. What remains is a barrier-free design both for disabled and non-disabled of every age.

And why does FRELU use stainless steel for its products? Indeed, stainless steel is not among the materials with the lowest price, but in the long run it is the most efficient one, since it allows us to process it into robust, durable and hygienic elements having a surface with germicidal effect for in-door and out-door use.

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