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Hygiene and disinfection assistance for ebola

Named after an African river, the Ebola virus is considered one of the most dangerous pathogens worldwide. The virus belongs to the group of Filoviridae. There are various species and subtypes. Morphologically identical to the Marburg virus. Because of the clinical course they are counted among the viruses that can cause viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF).

Unlike countries such as flu viruses are not transmitted through the air, but only on blood and other body fluids Ebola virus: from person to person and even from infected monkeys, probably about bats. A particular danger for caregivers and medical staff with direct contact and lab personnel. Here special protective measures are required. The incubation time is between 2 and 21 days.

The disease begins with fever, headache and muscle pain. After about a week often develop mucosal bleeding, sometimes also occur on the skin spotty bleeding. Often there are also signs of encephalitis and other heavier disorders such as kidney failure. The mortality rate of 60-90%.

Protection / drugs:
Medication or vaccination against the Ebola virus does not exist. Infected patients must be strictly and consistently isolated in special units. The comprehensive hospital hygiene must be performed according to the rules for highly infectious pathogens. Thus, the care of patients z. B. must be performed in a secure protective clothing. People who have had skin or mucous membrane contact with blood, body fluids or excreta of patients with AF is suspected, the affected
Wash the body immediately with soap and water or treat with a hand sanitizer with at least limited virucidal efficacy. Mucous membranes should be flushed with plenty of water or saline, or appropriate Schleimhautantiseptika.

Filoviruses among the enveloped viruses. Therefore disinfectant should be used with proven, at least limited virucidal action for incidental preventive disinfection.
In accordance with the recommendation of the RKI disinfectants are "limited virucidal" with the action spectrum suitable for effective disinfection upon the occurrence of Ebola virus. The limited virucidal corresponds to the efficacy against all enveloped viruses, which - as described above - also the Ebola virus counts. For the proof of
limited virucidal demanded a check against BVDV and vaccinia viruses.

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