Pill crusher TOOKAN

TOOKAN - the new manual pill crusher

 TOOKAN Tabletten Mörser

"The TOOKAN was designed to make your job easier in the daily distribution of drugs. With the TOOKAN you can pulverize with a hand print the tablets completely, the powder is collected in small hygiene bags which you can directly assign the patient. The bags are stored in the device and are thus at hand. The TOOKAN was equipped with an ergonomic handle, which is also designed for the frequent use in business. And it is ideal as a workstation, as it was designed to be a stand firm "heavyweight" and thus the quality is noticeable."


TOOKAN - pill crusher

  • easy use and very resistant
  • dimensions: (LxWxH) 265 x 75 x 90 mm
  • Art-Nr. TOOKAN


Bags for pill crusher

  • Lot of 1.000 bags out off Polyethylen
  • dimensions: (LxB) 120 x 50 mm
  • Art-Nr. B-TOOKAN

Quick Start Guide TOOKAN - pill crusher

TOOKAN Medikamentenmörser Beutel entnehmen

1. Take a bag out of the storage compartment...

TOOKAN Medikamentenmörser Tablette eintüten und Beutel einstellen

2. and put the pill into the bag and place it into the crusher.

TOOKAN Medikamentenmörser Griff herunter drücken

3. Press the handle down with one hand.....

TOOKAN Medikamentenmörser Griff loslassen

4. then release it....

TOOKAN Medikamentenmörser Entnehmen Sie den eutel mit der pulverisierten Tablette.

5. and take the bag with the pulverized pill.